Survey of Truck Parking and Rest Areas in Southern Ontario

Dear Commercial Truck Driver:

Have your say! This survey, which is funded by the Government of Ontario, is intended to advise the Ontario Ministry of Transportation on the truck parking situation along Southern Ontario highways. The survey asks about the shortage of parking and the hardships that this causes for drivers in terms of lost time, lost earnings, frustration and aggravation.

We believe that commercial truck drivers know the most about parking, so we are inviting all drivers who use Southern Ontario highways to complete our survey (including drivers who are based outside Ontario).

This strictly confidential survey asks about specific parking needs and rest stops along major highways as well as secondary roads across Southern Ontario. The survey will be available on-line until May 15, 2018 to allow as many truck drivers as possible to respond.

Results from the survey will be presented to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to help determine where additional truck parking is needed and what amenities truck drivers really need at existing truck stops (such as washrooms and showers that are available 24/7).

The survey is available in English and French at:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the survey director at:

The study has received support from The Ontario Trucking Association, The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada, The Owner-Operator's Business Association of Canada (OBAC), The Women's Trucking Federation of Canada and individual truck drivers such as Johanne Couture of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) who has provided a great deal of assistance.

Drivers are doing the survey! 'Diesel Dan' Gray, who has 40 years of driving experience, says: "all drivers should complete this survey."